The Three Types of Hardtop Gazebos You Should Know Before You Buy One

The Three Types of Hardtop Gazebos You Should Know Before You Buy One

Three Types of Hardtop Gazebos You Should Know Before You Buy One

A hardtop gazebo is a great option if you're looking for the perfect way to enjoy outdoor living. These options are stylish and provide reliable protection from the elements, allowing you to relax and enjoy the outdoors without being stressed about the weather.


The type of hardtop gazebo you choose will depend on your particular needs and preferences, so it's essential to know about the different types of hardtop gazebos on the market. Here are three types of hardtop gazebos to consider when shopping for one to ensure that you make the right purchase.

What is a Hardtop Gazebo?

A hardtop gazebo has a roof made from solid materials like metal or plastic. Hardtop roofs models differ from soft-top gazebos and are often chosen to withstand harsh weather conditions, such as rain or high wind. Hardtop roofs also provide shade and rest for individuals during the summertime.


Hardtop structures like those offered by Olilawn have unique and specialized features, such as shelves, sunroofs, and affordable solutions for high-end products.

What are the Benefits of a Hardtop Gazebo?

There are numerous benefits to hardtop gazebos that you won’t find as easily in soft-top models. For instance, consider the following advantages of a hardtop model as you look through the three models in this article.

  • Hardtop gazebos can be left up year-round because of their durability.
  • Hardtop gazebos are perfect for long-term use, whereas soft-top models are typically best for temporary use.
  • Hardtop gazebos won’t blow away in windy conditions and can remain stable in harsh weather, unlike a soft-top model.
  • Hardtop models are more visually appealing than other options.
  • Many hardtop options are incredibly low-maintenance, meaning you can sit back and relax instantly once you have everything set up.
  • Because of their durability, hardtop roofs rarely need to be replaced.
  • Hardtop gazebos have shatter-proof roofs.

Three Hardtop Gazebo Series

Olilawn provides three series of high-quality hardtop gazebos to fit your budget and preferences: the Andes series, the Alps series, and the Rocky series. Below is a quick overview of each series to help you decide on the best option to suit your needs.

The Olilawn Andes Series

The Andes series has the most affordable options, making it perfect for the Olilawn gazebo shopper on a budget. The Andes series has high-quality features and three products available:

The Olilawn Alps Series

The Alps series offers premium models for the high-end shopper. Currently, there are two products in this series, found below:

The Rocky Series

The Olilawn Rocky series is perfect for individuals seeking a gazebo with specialized features, such as the currently available 12’ x 14’ Rocky gazebo with shelves for $2,899.99. Though this is the only product currently available in the Rocky series, more options will be available soon for those that want a unique option to make their outdoor living space stand out.

Hardtop Gazebo With Double Steel Roof

The first type of hardtop gazebo to consider is one with a double steel roof. This type of structure is trendy among people who live in places that experience extreme weather conditions, such as heavy snowfall. The double steel roof provides extra protection from the elements while providing a stylish look.


Plus, the double steel roof also helps keep the structure cooler in the summer months, making it an excellent option for those who want to relax in their gazebo without worrying about the heat. Take, for instance, the Olilawn 12' x 14' Andes Hardtop Gazebo with Double Roof. This excellent hardtop structure is double-top vented to ensure optimal airflow and stabilize your furniture in high winds. At the same time, the double roofs protect individuals from heavy rain or burning sun.


A hardtop gazebo with double steel roof features comes with the following features to ensure the best, most relaxing outdoor living experience possible.

  • A ventilated double hardtop with a galvanized steel top and frame to withstand bad weather
  • A screwless top to save screws, time, and money
  • A high-quality drainage system to protect against standing water
  • A built-in hook that can bear weight up to 20 pounds, allowing you to decorate your space and hang objects from your gazebo roof
  • A sturdy triangle structure design, including a galvanized steel beam, pole, and brace, to keep the structure stable and prevent it from damage, even in harsh environments
  • A versatile design that fits anywhere, including your backyard and front porch, a garden, or a campsite

What Does a Double Roof Do?

Double roofs on gazebos are crucial for protecting against the elements. This design allows wind to safely pass through the structure while giving you shade and comfort from hot weather. These roofs ensure that air circulates appropriately throughout the space.

Hardtop Gazebo With One Steel Roof and One Sunroof

Another type of hardtop gazebo to consider is one with a single steel roof and one sunroof. This type of product is great for those who want shade and protection from the elements but also want to enjoy the sunshine.


The sunroof lets in natural light and adds a touch of elegance to the structure while eliminating the overbearing heat and brightness outside. At the same time, the steel roof provides the necessary protection from the elements.


Many options are available for a high-quality, elegant, visually appealing hardtop structure with one steel roof and one sunroof. For instance, the Olilawn 12' x 14' Alps Hardtop Gazebo with Double Roof, Aluminum Frame, Curtain & Netting contains numerous features that make it an excellent choice for anyone hoping to spend more time in nature and relax after a long day.


This unique double roof option has various features that make it an attractive product for many people looking to get a gazebo soon. For instance, the Olilawn 12' x 14' Alps Hardtop Gazebo with Double Roof, Aluminum Frame, Curtain & Netting includes some of the following excellent features:

  • A water-resistant and UV-ray-blocked double roof
  • Circulating ventilation
  • A ventilated double hardtop
  • A gorgeous sunroof to let in natural light
  • Screwless top
  • High-quality drainage system
  • Our sturdy triangle structure
  • A wood-grain aluminum pole with TTO technology and a galvanized steel base
  • Built-in hook
  • Polyester-fabric curtains and netting to protect against mosquitos and give extra privacy

Hardtop Gazebo With Shelf

Finally, there is the hardtop gazebo with a shelf option. This type of furniture is perfect for those who want to be able to store items under the gazebo. The shelf is made from a durable material and can store various outdoor items, from cushions to outdoor games to decorations like vases and books.


The shelf also adds an extra layer of protection from the elements, making it an excellent option for those who want to make the most of their outdoor space without risking their outdoor equipment. Upcoming options like the Olilawn 12' x 14' Rocky Hardtop Gazebo with Two Shelves & Aluminum Frame are some of the most advanced gazebo options available. If you're considering an option with some extra storage space, Olilawn's two-shelve gazebo has the following additional features:

  • Ventilated double hard top
  • Two shelves with a wood-grain aluminum pole
  • A durable, antiseptic, and rust-proof triangle structure
  • Wind-resistant roof system
  • Screwless roof design
  • High-quality drainage system
  • Built-in hook
  • Two triangular-shaped shelves you can install on any two of the four poles to place decorations or outdoor equipment onto

Safety Precautions

Once you’ve found the perfect option for your home from Olilawn, it’s crucial to follow appropriate safety precautions to ensure that you set it up successfully without harming yourself, your home, or your new furniture. For this reason, Olilawn recommends the following as you install your new hardtop gazebo:

  • Double-check that you have the necessary parts and hardware that your item requires.
  • Install your purchase with the recommended five or more adults.
  • Do not discard your packaging until you are confident that you have the right parts and fittings.
  • Double and triple-check all bolts for tightness before use. Once the structure is set up, check and tighten the bolts periodically to ensure safety.
  • Follow basic safety precautions to avoid physical injury.
  • Place the gazebo on level ground at least 6 feet away from outdoor obstructions, including fences, branches, garages, laundry lines, or electrical wires.

What to Consider Before You Buy

As you prepare to make your purchase, keep in mind a few factors to ensure that you are selecting a model that will suit your needs and your property. Before you buy, go over the following list of questions to ensure that you haven’t missed anything.

  • How much space do I have in my yard? What size structure can I realistically accommodate?
  • How long do I plan to remain at this property?
  • What will I use my new furniture for?
  • Do I prefer a structure that will let in some natural light or provide total shade?
  • Where on my property will I install my purchase?
  • What is the purpose of my new furniture? Is it to entertain friends and family, hold events, or for a relaxing escape when I need time in nature?
  • What material do I need?

Find the Best Hardtop Solution From Olilawn

No matter which type of hardtop gazebo you decide to purchase, you can be sure that it will provide the protection and style you need to make the most of your outdoor living space. There are many options, from the double steel roof to the gazebo with a shelf.


Meeting your outdoor living needs is crucial to enjoying nature's beauty. Our Gazebo Series includes six hardtop options in varying sizes. Our hardtop structures have three product lines:

  • Andes Hardtop Gazebo
  • Rocky Hardtop Gazebo
  • Alps Hardtop Gazebo


All our products are high-quality and cost-effective to ensure you get the most from your purchase. We are a premium outdoor living brand that will give you the best outdoor furniture with innovative designs. With Olilawn, you can meet your outdoor needs in no time. Check out our upcoming product releases or contact us today for additional help choosing the best hardtop gazebo.

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