Bring the Party Outside with Olilawn Hardtop Gazebos

Bring the Party Outside with Olilawn Hardtop Gazebos

With the temperatures getting warmer and the days getting longer, now is the perfect time to consider updating your outdoor living space. In addition to tidying up your lawn and starting your gardening, consider getting a gazebo to bring your outside to another level.

Gazebos are outdoor structures that provide shade and shelter from the elements while allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. All gazebos include a roof, open sides, and support beams or support columns. Gazebos can come in various shapes and sizes, be made out of several different types of materials, and can be either permanent or temporary structures. 

Other than providing shelter during stormy or unfavorable weather, you can use a gazebo for countless occasions. Throw parties, give yourself the luxury of outdoor dining, or create your own getaway right in your backyard. If you plan on using it as a permanent structure, gazebos can be used as outdoor office spaces, studios, or a getaway spot when you need a moment for yourself. With proper maintenance and care, you can use your gazebo all days of the year, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors no matter the season.

 If you plan on hosting parties or other gatherings, you must ensure that you get the right gazebo for your plans. When it comes to parties, planning is everything, including down to the space where you gather. Olilawn provides you with countless high-quality options to give you peace of mind during and after party time.

Olilawn Andes Series

Sleek, spacious, and stylish all describe the Andes series. A two-tiered galvanized steel roof with a ventilated hardtop and a sturdy triangular structure keeps you cool and protected from all the elements. Its modern look makes it easy for any homeowner to add to their property, whether they have a large backyard or are confined to a small patio space. As the most budget-friendly series, the Andes series gazebos provide great value for an incredible price.

 The smallest Andes model starts at 10 feet by 12 feet, making it the perfect space for a small get-together of friends and family. Enjoy an afternoon tea or coffee, enjoy some cocktails, or even a light lunch during a hot summer afternoon. An outdoor dining set of three or four can fit comfortably under the 10x12’ Andes hardtop gazebo. Keep pesky bugs and troublesome gusts at bay with the polyester mesh netting and polyester curtains that come included with the smallest model.

 For larger gatherings that need some more space, the Andes also comes in 10’x14’ and 10x16’ models. The 12’x14’ Andes hardtop gazebo is the perfect solution for families of 4 to 6 or couples looking to invite a few friends over for dinner. As the universal size for most outdoor gazebos, this model provides ample space and comfort for groups of all sizes looking to make the most of their outdoor spaces.

 The spacious, open-air concept, its advanced leakproof drainage system, and its rustproof black frame make it the perfect addition to your next pool party, cookout, or get-together. Protect large spreads of barbeque, snacks, and family favorites with durable curtains and netting. On cool summer nights, pull up a couch and watch the stars as you enjoy the breeze.

 The 12’x16’ Andes model combines the spaciousness and benefits of the smaller models under a bigger roof–literally. At 192 square feet, this gazebo provides plenty of space for a crowd of 13-15 people to enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather. Like all Andes series models, you can easily install and change any netting and curtains with their built-in dual rail system. Enjoy dinner and drinks under the stars and the same roof with a gorgeous structure built to last. Close the curtains and darken the room and enjoy a movie night without the hassle or inconvenience of a movie theater.

Olilawn Alps Series

Homeowners who like the features of the Andes series but desire a more rustic or beachy look will enjoy the Alps series of hardtop gazebos. With a two-tiered roof to promote airflow and a walnut wood grain pole color, this gazebo gives you a warm-looking, beautiful addition to any lawn or patio. As with all Olilawn gazebos, the Alps series comes equipped with a steel ceiling hook, perfect for suspending outdoor lighting or decorations up to 20 pounds.

 The 12’14’ model is built for people who love the sun. In addition to the double-ventilated roof, easy built-in double rails, sturdy structure, and advanced durability, this Alps model has a top PVC skylight, which allows you to enjoy the warmth and benefits from natural sunlight filtering through without having to worry about harmful UV rays. Its woodlike aluminum poles allow you to enjoy the look of wood with the benefits of reinforced, rustproof aluminum. Five or six people can enjoy the fresh breeze from a lake or ocean in your 168-square-foot at-home getaway.

 Those looking to entertain more people but still want the wooden look of the Alps model can enjoy the almost 200 square feet the larger Alps model can offer. Up to 15 people can enjoy celebrating graduations, anniversaries, or even just all the natural beauty their outdoor living spaces have to offer in the 12’x16’ model. With a snow load of up to 2,555.56 lbs and with netting and curtains included, you can enjoy your hardtop gazebo in comfort for all occasions.

Olilawn Rocky Series

The durability of hardtop gazebos make them able to be enjoyed year-round. When you frequent your outdoor space often, it can be a hassle to have to bring what you need in and out of the house. The Rocky series provides you the comfort and style of a hardtop gazebo with the convenience of outdoor storage.

 At 12’x14’, the Rocky series gives you and up to 5 other guests plenty of space to enjoy your outdoor sanctuary in style and peace. A galvanized steel roof and aluminum poles with a khaki wood grain appearance give you the advanced drainage and durability of the Andes series while giving you the hardwood look of the Alps series. With the ability to handle a snow load of up to 22,672 lbs, this gazebo is the ideal choice for people who live in higher elevations and tougher weather during the winter. Two modern-style storage shelves capable of carrying up to 22 lbs each come built into every Rocky series gazebo.

 With the Rocky series, you can plan more intimate gatherings that might need some more preparation in advance, like barbeques, dinner parties, or garden parties. Keep spices, serving utensils, and extra plates on its spacious shelves, or use them for decoration to give your space an extra cozy touch. No matter what you choose to do, the Rocky series makes it easy to enjoy the outdoors.

Let Olilawn Elevate Your Outdoor Space

Gazebos are a great solution for any outdoor space. Not only do they add additional living space to your property, but they also add a unique appeal and can increase your property’s value. Whether relaxing or entertaining, gazebos provide shelter, shade, and style to your guests while allowing them to enjoy the beauty of nature. Hardtop gazebos provide added durability and support that make it possible to use them all year long.

Whether you choose the Alps, Andes, or Rocky models, all Olilawn gazebos are built to please and to last. From entertaining and pleasing your family and friends to impressing your business partners and coworkers, Olilawn hardtop gazebos provide you with outdoor spaces of all sizes for every occasion.

 All Olilawn models come with the option to include netting and curtains, giving you comfort and privacy while you enjoy the outdoors. You can also enjoy your new hardtop gazebo knowing that every product is backed by a 1-year warranty, a 30-day return policy, free shipping on all items, and backed by top-notch customer support.

When deciding which gazebo is best for you, it is important to consider size and location. Make sure that your gazebo has plenty of space for effective drainage and that the area is level. Although all gazebo models can be installed on soil, wood, and concrete, all areas must be stable to ensure safe construction and maximum durability.

 As a premium outdoor lifestyle brand, Olilawn is dedicated to providing high-quality outdoor furniture made with durable materials to people who love the outdoors. Explore all of our products, including our compact 8’x5’ Volcano Grill gazebo, perfect for providing protection and shade during those hot summer days by the barbeque or campfire. Enjoy the outdoors with Olilawn.

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