Dreamy Spring Decoration Inspiration for Your Hardcover Gazebo

Dreamy Spring Decoration Inspiration for Your Hardcover Gazebo
Dreaming of more outdoor living this Spring? Having your own backyard is dreamy, but backyard spaces aren’t always as comfortable or inviting as they could be. In fact, more than 5 in 6 Americans are dissatisfied with their outdoor spaces, though 90% say this space is more important than ever before, according to the International Casual Furnishings Association.



Making your outdoor living space more satisfying this spring will not only get you outside more this year but is a reflection of your family, yourself, and your neighborhood that you value your environment.

The keys to spending more time outdoors

Considering the function, style, and comfort of your outdoor space is key. Remember last year when the rain got in the way of your plans to read a book or entertain some friends? This year can be different.

Freshen up your outdoor space with a beautiful hardtop gazebo

One of the best ways to improve your outdoor living space and truly enjoy the warmer spring weather is to invest in a high-quality, hardtop gazebo. Hardtop Gazebos offer a variety of benefits, protecting you and your guests from the sun and keeping out bugs and other pests. Truly, a hardtop gazebo adds an attractive feature to your outdoor space and can be used for entertaining or relaxing in any season.


To help you bring in the new season, Olilawn is here with amazing deals on some of our finest hardtop gazebos including:


Bring style to your lawn

For the majority of Americans, the style of their outdoor living space is a huge headache, which makes spending time outside less enticing. A few curated pieces go a long way.

Hardtop gazebos bring curb appeal to your space with a pavilion-style covering that's as inviting as it is easy to maintain and clean. The fun part of having a gazebo is that it adds another dimension to your outdoor living space, reflecting the season you’re in with a bit of decoration!

Get inspired to head outside with spring decorations

Regardless of the color of your gazebo, you can integrate the colors of spring into your outdoor living space with a few extra touches.


Picking a color palette for your gazebo accessories
Looking at the annual paint color trends is a great way to get ahead of the colors you’ll be seeing (and loving!). Here are a few color trends to look out for:


  • Amber: Named the “Color of the Year” for 2023 by York Wallcoverings, this warm hue brings a sense of grounding, soothing energy, and power when it catches the light. These deeply saturated and natural hues are hot right now.


  • Beige-blush: Sherwin-Williams named this earthy, neutral tone for its 2023 Color of the Year. The color is a unique complement to brighter colors, providing an option for whites, beiges, or grays. Plus, the subtle pink undertones can bring forth warm and empathetic vibes – perfect for a gathering space.


  • Understated, soft colors: A palette with softer shades of bold colors helps provide a tranquil backdrop for brighter colors to shine. Mixing bright and subdued colors together means that your space will be just the right balance of calming with a bit of vibrancy wherever you choose to add those more eye-catching colors.


  • Versatility: Above all, mix it up! In 2023, it’s all about picking and choosing items that bring you joy and balance one another. The key is knowing how to bring these varieties of colors together in a space. Versatility in your color palettes and textures can also ensure that your design choices remain exciting to you and your family, year after year.


Choose comfort in your outdoor living space

Selecting the right gazebo for you is one thing (luckily, sales help make decisions!), but dreaming up what objects will fill the space under your hardtop gazebo is the design for your outdoor living space design gets even more fun.


Lighting accents to enjoy your outdoor space during the day – and night

Adding lighting to your outdoor living space makes your gazebo more functional so that you can read and entertain into the night. Importantly, it also adds to the welcoming ambiance of your special spot. There are lots of options for lighting, choose one – or more – of these ways to brighten it up:


  • Overhead light: Hang overhead light fixtures from the ceiling of your hardtop gazebo for far-reaching illumination, allowing you to use your outdoor living space as you would inside, with the ability to see whatever you need!


  • Lanterns: Add pops of color to your space while including another geometric element to the look of your hardcover gazebo. Lanterns can range from fun, spherical shapes made of paper, to ornate, metal Moroccan lanterns.


  • Solar lights: Solar post lights are a great solution to add a gleaming light from around the perimeter of your gazebo, and increase visibility when you step out of your outdoor space when en route to your house. Buying landscape lighting between 50 and 700 lumens is the standard for solar lights.  


  • String “fairy” lights: Hanging strings of string, or fairy lights, around the perimeter or to create columns of light underneath the roof of your gazebo, really add a magical, romantic touch as you sit beneath a warm glow.


  • Candles: The final embellishments of light that you can add to your spring decorations are candles. Play with differing heights for your candles. Floor candle holders can add drama, while candles on your tabletop bring a feeling of comfort and relaxation.


  • Furniture adds a level of must-have comfort: Be sure to add some furniture like tables, chairs, or a couch to your list to make your hardtop gazebo as comfortable as can be.


  • Tables and chairs: Your furniture decisions are the most expensive and eye-catching aspects of your space, so choose wisely. Some considerations are practical, like how many people you’d like to entertain and how many people could fit comfortably under the roof of your hardcover gazebo. But you’ll also need to think about the overall aesthetic: Should the style of tables and chairs be sleek and elegant, or homey and rustic?


  • Couch: Would you rather have a hang-out space than formal dining? Opt for a cozy couch to relax with your loved ones.



Extra touches to bring the whole spring decor together

Now that you have chosen a color palette and the important aspects of decoration like furniture and lighting, here are a few more considerations to bring the whole look and feel together:


  • Outdoor rug: An outdoor rug can tie the whole space together beautifully. Before you buy, consider spending a little extra on a rug that is specific to outdoor living spaces so that it can withstand any weather you may have during the spring season.


  • Blankets: Just because you’re envisioning your spring decorations for your gazebo space doesn’t mean that cooler weather has totally passed for the season! Having a few blankets on hand in baskets will make you feel like the ultimate host when a friend gets a little chilly.


  • Flowers: Celebrate spring with flower flourishes that demand attention and awe. A floral archway or a spring wreath on your hardcover gazebo posts are gorgeous welcomes to any visitor. For cost-effectiveness, simply picking up whichever bouquet of flowers piques your interest when you’re out shopping really helps boost your mood. Spring decoration perfection!



If adding more elements seems overwhelming now, keep an eye out for spring decoration sales and pick up whatever feels right when you’re shopping. Building out this outdoor living space over time can help you make more intentional decisions about this space that you will cherish for years.

Whichever spring decorations you choose for your hardcover gazebo will be special.

Dreaming up your ultimate spring decorations is a fantastic way to kick-start this year’s warmer weather and help solidify your resolution to spend more time outdoors in 2023.


The more you decorate with function, style, and comfort in mind, the more you’ll be enticed to make your hardcover gazebo area into your outdoor living room!


If you haven’t decided which hardcover gazebo is right for your yard, Olilawn can make that decision easier with spring sales, including the double roof, 12’ x 14’ Alps Gazebo (until March 31).


Your dreamy outdoor living space awaits!  

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