How to choose your own Olilawn gazebo?

How to choose your own Olilawn gazebo?

When it comes to outdoor relaxing or entertaining, there are few better options than a gazebo to provide shelter and shade for you and your guests. But with so many different types of gazebos available, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. In this article, we’ll take a look at the various factors you should consider when choosing a gazebo, from size and shape to materials and extra features. By taking the time to research all of your options, you’ll be able to find the perfect gazebo for your home in hardly any time at all.

What Is a Gazebo?

A gazebo is an outdoor structure that provides shade and shelter from the elements while also allowing you to enjoy spending time outdoors. There are many types of gazebos, but they typically include a roof, open sides, and columns or posts for support. Gazebos can be made of wood, metal, vinyl, or many other types of materials.

There are many reasons to add a gazebo to your property.

  • A gazebo provides a comfortable outdoor space for entertaining and relaxing year-round.


  • Gazebos also add visual interest to your property, providing an attractive focal point that draws the eye.


  • Gazebos are relatively easy to install and maintain, making them feasible additions for homeowners who don't want to spend too much time on upkeep around the home.


We’ll delve into these benefits and more in greater detail below. But first, the most important question is how to choose the right type of gazebo for your home. There are many kinds of gazebos that are designed for different purposes, so it’s crucial to know what you’re looking for in order to make the right decision.

How to Choose the Perfect Gazebo

There are quite a few different factors you need to take into consideration when selecting the perfect gazebo for your property. Some of the most important factors to prioritize include:

  • The desired size (dimensions) and shape of your gazebo.


  • The exact location where you plan to install your gazebo.


  • The required durability of your gazebo based on the usual weather in your area.


  • Your preferred canopy or roof material.


  • The affordability of the design.


  • Any other aesthetic preferences such as colors or curtain styles.


Hardtop vs. Soft-top Gazebos

A hardtop gazebo is a permanent structure with a solid, rigid roof made of metal, wood, or other materials. They are more durable and weather-resistant than soft-top gazebos and provide better protection from the elements. Hardtop gazebos are typically more expensive than soft-top gazebos but they are almost guaranteed to last much longer.

Pros of Hardtops:

  • More durable and weather resistant


  • Better protection from the elements


  • Longer lasting if properly maintained  


Cons of Hardtops:

  • More expensive upfront cost  


Soft-top gazebos have a fabric roof that is usually made of canvas or polyester. These roofs are less durable than hardtops and provide less protection from the elements. Soft-top gazebos tend to be cheaper than hardtops but usually require more maintenance due to their fabric roofs which can fade or tear over time.

Pros of Soft Tops:

  • Cheaper upfront cost  


Cons of Soft Tops:

  • Less durable and weather resistant


  • Less protection from the elements  


If you’re looking for a temporary space for entertaining or relaxing outdoors, a soft-top gazebo could suffice. However, hardtop gazebos are usually the better choice for a permanent lawn installation. Let’s explore the different types of hardtop gazebos in more detail:

The Olilawn Andes Series

Overall, the Andes series of gazebos combine durability with affordability and features three different products:


  1. Olilawn 10' x 12' Andes Hardtop Gazebo with 2-Tier Ventilated Roof,Curtain & Netting


  2. Olilawn 12' x 14' Andes Hardtop Gazebo with Double Roof


  3. Olilawn 12' x 16' Andes Hardtop Gazebo with Double Roof & Netting


One of the key features of each of the Andes gazebos is the sturdy, double roof. The double ventilated hardtop is not only visually appealing, but also supports circulating ventilation, helping to keep your space fresh during those hot summer months. The 2-tier roof also keeps harmful UV rays away from your skin. All three of the Andes gazebos also feature anchoring plates and rust-resistant steel frames designed to last long in all kinds of weather. In addition, these gazebos feature a strong, triangle structure manufactured with durability in mind.


The chief differences between these three products is the size. Starting at 10’ x 12’ and covering a total of 120 square feet, the first Andes gazebo is the smallest and still covers an impressive space. Moving up from there you have the 12’ x 14’  and the 12’ x 16’ sizes. Which size is right for you will largely depend on the space you have in your outdoor space. If you have the space to invest in a larger gazebo, that is generally recommended because it provides more flexibility. \

The Olilawn Alps Series

The Alps series of Gazebos feature higher-end materials and even more durable construction. In this series, we offer two products:


  1. Olilawn 12' x 14' Alps Hardtop Gazebo with Double Roof, Aluminum Frame, Curtain & Netting


  2. Olilawn 12' x 16' Alps Hardtop Gazebo with Double Roof, Aluminum Frame, Curtain & Netting



Our Alps gazebos feature large, durable hardtops with snow load capacities of 2,556.56 lbs! This means that your gazebo will last through the toughest weather conditions without you having to worry about a thing. One of the key features of an Alps gazebo is its high-quality sunroof made with PVC to let in natural light without any harmful UV rays. For a more naturalistic, elegant appearance, Alps gazebos are designed with steel supports made to look like natural wood.

The Olilawn Rocky Gazebo

The final Olilawn hardtop gazebo is the Rocky Hardtop Gazebo: the highest-quality gazebo we offer.



The Rocky gazebo is large and carefully designed with the best features. First of all, a Rocky gazebo is durable, featuring a steel hardtop with the capacity to handle a snow load of up to 22,672 lbs. This makes this gazebo an ideal choice for climes that experience tougher weather during the winter months. Additionally, the Rocky gazebo, along with all the Olilawn gazebos, includes a professional drainage system to help prevent water damage and standing water on the roof. In addition to all the features of the Olilawn alps series, the Rocky hardtop gazebo includes two shelves for storage or decoration. In the roof, you’ll find a ceiling hook perfect for holding a lighting feature or a basket of flowers.

Which Gazebo Is Right For You?

At the end of the day, only you can decide which gazebo best fits your unique needs. For the more budget-concious, the Andes series gazebos provide great value at an unbeatable price. If you’re looking for more features and an even more durable design, the Alps series of gazebos is probably the best choice. Finally, if you are looking for a high-end gazebo that will not only look great but stand the test of time, then we highly reccomend the Rocky 12’ x 14’ hardtop gazebo. Be sure to carefully measure your space to determine which size works best for your outdoor area.

Why Do You Need a Gazebo?

There are lots of ways that a gazebo can improve your quality of life. Here are just a few examples of why a gazebo is a great choice for your home and property:

Expand Your Living Space

Gazebos provide additional outdoor living space that you can use for dining, entertaining, or simply relaxing in the fresh air. Since gazebos come in a variety of sizes and styles, you can choose one that best suits your needs and fits into your existing landscape design. Extra features such as benches, tables, lighting fixtures, fans, fire pits or grills can make your gazebo an even more versatile area for entertaining guests or relaxing on your own.

Add Aesthetic Appeal to Your Property

Adding a gazebo to your property is also a great way to spruce up its appearance and even increase the value of your home. A gazebo is an impressive addition to any outdoor living area that is sure to catch the eye of prospective buyers. Or, if you don’t plan to sell your home anytime soon, you can enjoy the aesthetic appeal of your gazebo yourself for many years to come.

Worry Less About Property Maintenance

Unlike other outdoor structures such as decks or patios which require regular maintenance every few years, gazebos are relatively low-maintenance and require minimal long-term upkeep. In addition, durable metal and aluminum hardtop gazebos like Olilawn gazebos are highly weather resistant, which ensures they function well and look great for a long time.

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